Why Montessori at Home?

Let’s get started & make the Montessori parenting lifestyle a SWEET and enjoyable journey for your family too. 

Peg stacking at 18 months

The Three Common Mistakes Us Loving Parents Unintentionally Commit

Let’s be REAL, many of us first time parents get easily bombarded with the “Don’ts of Baby Care Advice” from the very moment they’re born; whether it may come from our newly extended family members or elsewhere and, in turn, we may become prone to adopt a certain degree of overprotective care because, after all, all we want is to provide the best and most loving environment for our child.

As a first time mom, I’ve definitely fallen into that category. I would extensively remove, change or alter our home as well as, replace certain items from our little girl’s hands in order to safeguard her from potential harm. However, most of the time I would not only make her cry or whine for replacing, modifying or removing any potential hazardous item from her, but I would also provoke discomfort to her and myself, and sometimes even some frustration to myself for having to consequently deal with managing and controlling the behavior for it to go back to a normal calm state.

As such, during those moments, I wasn’t paying much attention to the details of her behavior or placing much thought into the details of my reaction towards her during those instances. Why is this you ask? Well, because, I was subconsciously already wired to react in that manner. Just think about it for a second, common reactors and ideals like thinking “oh, you should take that away from the child because the child could choke on it” or simply put “you should remove/replace that from the child’s hands because it’s dangerous and he/she could hurt himself/herself.”

These reactors are unintentional common mistakes that all of us loving parents go through at some point. We don’r realize it right away, but by reacting like that we hinder our child from movement, creativity and exploration. And that is why, for all of you new mommies out there trying to figure things out, the Montessori educational Method works well at home too. Applying; even a small way of the Montessori Method into our home enables us (new mommies and daddies) to acquire and practice the observational skills that we wouldn’t have had necessarily performed voluntarily right away.

So, from one newbie mommy to another, I am here to share with you what I’ve learned so far and give you a head start by showing you how I made it work for myself and our home. Please consider that this is a blog of an ongoing parenting lifestyle journey, I am not a teacher and that our home is just a home like all others, this is not intended as homeschooling, we are simply implementing Montessori method principles for better, healthier home environment which works well for us and could work for your family too.

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